At its core, Arbibots has always been a passion project, iterated on during free time. Things are a bit different here than your traditional NFT project; from the start there was no grand promise made, no lofty roadmap, no multimillion dollar raises happening, just cute images of robots on-chain. And then, there were the Cases, and then came the concept for Arbibotchi, and then there were a few other exciting things like the Arbibots RPG. What started as a simple sale of on-chain images with a novel auction mechanism has since begun to slowly evolve into something special. The most important development, though? You, the community.

We believe the community is the key to Arbibots. Rather than aiming to be the 57th promise of a grand metaverse vision, Arbibots simply wants to be a fun ecosystem for its participants, with rewarding feedback loops and engaging mechanics, driven by collaborative iteration. There are a few different interpretations of Bots floating around out there already (thanks, CB1!). Each interpretation feels special and worthwhile, and we've recognized a lot of beauty in that. While “we” (the mod team and core collaborators working on Arbibots thus far) have a vision of things still to come, we ultimately aim to host Arbibots under a CC0 (or CC0-like) license so that anyone that wishes to build upon Arbibots gameplay, lore, aesthetic, etc will be able do, ideally interoperably with anything we've built and will build in the future. We're hoping to have more news on that shortly. In the meantime, we remain extremely permissive if one wishes to take up their own addition to the Arbibots ecosystem!

Speaking of “we”… While there is a relatively clear core team that has put effort into Arbibots, some members of the community have expressed interest in taking up contributing roles of their own. We think Arbibots at its strongest consists of a handful of community teams working on various aspects of the ecosystem alongside the core contributors and we hope to soon build out a framework with you all to enable and foster this dynamic.

BotGold Disclaimer

BotGold exists soley as a utility token for the Arbibots ecosystem, representing in-game rewards and as a mechanism to upgrade bots and obtain more collectibles.

We cannot prevent one from speculating on BotGold. We're aware it exists on-chain in a free market and people may assign value to it as they see fit. Please be acutely aware that we as a team and/or DAO:

  • are NOT going to design incentives to pump or provide value to the token
  • are NOT going to provide liquidity to secondary token markets
  • are NOT promising any backing value to the token
  • absolutely reserve the right to inflate the token supply to strategically maintain a healthy ecosystem economy should it be necessary
  • are solely focused on utilizing the token as a mechanism in gameplay loops
  • this same ethos (and disclaimer) applies to both the Arbibot NFTs and the Arbibot Cases